Upcoming Shellac Nail Colors for Summer

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With summer 2017 around the corner, it’s time to prepare your shellac nail colors for the season.  Just like your wardrobe changes each season, your shellac manicure colors need to change accordingly.  Proper gel polish is a fashionable way to compliment your summer outfit.

What is Shellac?

Shellac is a brand extension of nail products from Creative Nail Design, also known as CND for short.  Shellac is a blended combination of 50% nail polish and 50% nail gel.  Gels are an alternative form of acrylics or fake nails. Although Shellac contains gel, it cannot be used as a fake nail extension like standard gels and acrylics. According to the expert staff at Atelier Emmanuel, the major benefit of gel in the Shellac formula is that it helps reduce chipping.  The gel makes the polish strong and durable. Fake nails weaken your natural nails over time.  If you are looking to replace your faux nails with a firm coat over your real ones, Shellac is the perfect option for you to try.  Shellac formulas are applied just like regular polish, but you need a UV light to cure your nails.  However, you do not need to do as much sculpting or filing as you would with standard gels or acrylics.  The polish lasts up to 14 days and has a natural shine finish. 

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What is the Name of Shellac’s Summer 2017 Collection?

Shellac released their Rhythm and Heat Collection just in time for the warm weather months.  The six colors from Shellac’s upcoming summer lineup are Mambo Beat, Sugarcane, Palm Deco, Shimmering Shores, Ripe Guava, Shells in the Sand.  According to the experts at Nails Magazine, outlandish Caribbean vacation locations were the inspiration for Shellac’s Rhythm and Heat Summer 2017 collection.  The assortment is a mixture of graphic prints and bold colors based on cultural influences. Your elegant, classy, and sophisticated wardrobe choices pair well with the Rhythm and Heat color schemes.  Summer and vacation time is made for the beach, shade, and tropical sun.  All the Shellac summer options look tasteful during both daytime and nighttime activities. 

Can I Wear Spring Colors During the Summer?

CND Shellac - Nude Knickers polish
CND Shellac – Nude Knickers polish

If you bought the Shellac New Wave Collection for Spring 2017, you might have grown fond of the bright, bold colors and want to continue sporting those looks during the summer.  Is that ok? Absolutely! According to Mary, a fashion review expert at Swatch and Learn, simple “accent nails” are a thing of the past.  The warm weather seasons are for wearing vibrant colors. The New Wave Collection consists of six colors, which are Video Violet, Pink Leggings, Blue Eyeshadow, Banana Clips, Jelly Bracelet, and Ecstacy. Beauty blogger, Fee Wallace, raves about the New Wave color lineup.  Her personal favorite is Video Violet.  Versatility is the main benefit of this opaque purple shade.  You can play around with layering to wear it both shiny and matte.  The Blue Eyeshadow is another popular color from the collection.  Shellac does not have any other colors even remotely similar to this shade, which will help your nails stand out from the crowd.  Jelly Bracelet works for spring and summer as well.  Try adding some patterns or designs over the orange-based color coat.  For a warm weather yellow and pink contrasting combination, use Pink Leggings on the majority of your nails, and paint Banana Clips on one or two.

How Do I Apply Shellac Nail Polish?

Before you apply the polish, you need to prepare your nails.  Start by shaping your nails with a file to your desired length and look.  Push your cuticles back so you can cover the entire surface with polish, which makes your nails appear longer. Sanitize your hands and remove any excess oils debris from your nail bed and cuticles.  The beauty experts at Phoenix Beauty Lounge explain that proper sanitation and cleaning ensures your polish will stay on for the full 14 days; so do not skip this step. Always use lint free wipe while cleaning your nails.  Your cuticles are sensitive, so be gentle while pushing them back and shaping them. 

CND Shellac - Cake Pop polish
CND Shellac – Cake Pop polish

Now that the preparation phase is done, you are ready to paint.  Lightly apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Base Coat.  Use a UV lamp to cure the base layer for 10 seconds.  For the best results, make sure to apply the base layer as thin as possible.  Next, choose one of the summer Rhythm and Heat colors, or any Shellac brand polish.  Apply a thin layer of the color polish and then cure your nails under a UV lamp for 2 minutes.  Apply a second coat of color and again, cure for 2 minutes with a UV lamp. For optimal results, use thin layers of color, just like you did with the base coat.  Apply the color to one hand at a time.  If your nails look uneven after the first coat, do not be concerned.  The blend will look even after the second color coating. Finish the process with a thin layer of the CND Shellac UV Top Coat.  Cure the top layer coating for 2 minutes under a UV lamp.  The top coat formula gives your nails an eye-catching and shiny finish.  Carefully cover the entire nail surface to guarantee maximum wear. The four-step process of a base layer, color, color, and top coat will keep your nails strong, hard, and prevent dents or chips.  Wipe your finished nails with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a lint free wipe to remove any remaining sticky residue.  Also, nourish your cuticles with oil. Check out this video below that demonstrates the application and removal process of Shellac colors. Your manicure does not have to be just one solid color.  Try mixing and matching different colors from the 2017 summer collection.  You can even create some fun and unique summer designs.

What if I Still Have the Shellac Summer Collection from Last Year?

Last summer, Shellac released their summer 2016 Flirtation Collection, which consisted of Lavender Lace, Sparks Fly, Be Demure, Aqua-intance, Pink Pursuit, and Honey Darlin’. In addition to the colors, they also released a weekly polish system to go with it.  The polishes are Lavender Lace, Desert Poppy, Honey Darlin’, Pink Pursuit, Aqua-intance, Skin Tease, Date Night, and Be Demure. If you still have these colors and polishes left over from last year, you can still wear them this upcoming summer.  The Flirtation Collection did not go out of style for warm weather seasons, so feel free to mix them into your rotation.

Verdict on Shellac Nail Colors

We are highly anticipating the release of the summer 2017 CND Shellac Rhythm and Heat Collection.  The classy and versatile color palate will give you plenty of options for your mood and wardrobe.  Based on the history of previous Shellac lines, such as the spring 2017 New Wave collection and summer 2016 Flirtation collection, we can expect high quality from this upcoming release. The 14-day wear is perfect for long vacations and extended outdoor activities.  Find a salon near you that sells Creative Nail Design products to get your hands on the summer collection as soon as it is released!

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