Is Glitter Acrylic a Fad?

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From rainbow shimmer and little gold flecks to full-on confetti-sized sparkles – there are so many options for the glitter acrylic nail fan (check out other article about nail salon designs). What is a girl to do?

Many people would say that glitter acrylic is just fad – however glitter acrylic nails have been around for years now! Nail care companies are constantly innovating and bring us new and exciting types of glitter polishes. Glittery nails are no longer the domain of tweens and teens; the trend has now grown up to be more sophisticated – but still fun!

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Stylish Glitter Acrylic Nails

On the runways this year glitter acrylic was all over – from New York and Paris to London and Milan. There were so many fantastic uses of glitter – glittery rainbow nails, sparkles at the edge of nude nails, a shimmery ruby, and even a 3D effect with opalescent HD glitter. These designers are proving that glitter acrylic nails are not just a fad – they are going to be around for a long time.

12 Ways To Wear a Glitter Acrylic

When using glitter polish it can be easy for it to end up looking juvenile – but there are many options to use it that are sophisticated and stylish – with just a hint of rebellion!

  • Wear it on the tips of your nails for shimmering, gradient-type effect
  • Or swap it around have the glitter at the base of your nails, fading towards the tips.
  • Paint your nails a neutral or white, and do a thin line of a fine gold glitter along the sides of your nail – just next to the skin. A glitter nail pen would make this easier!
  • Go for a monochromatic palette instead of a multi colored polish. Natural metallic tones such as cobalt, rose gold, silver and copper are very elegant.
  • Paint all your nails a solid color (try matte for bigger effect), then add a glitter topcoat on just one nail – keeping the shade the same.
  • Do a metallic reverse French – here the contrasting secondary color is at the moon of your nail instead of the tip. Use deep navy for your main color and metallic silver as the secondary for immediate class.
  • Silver holographic is a funky, but less ‘in-your-face type’ of glitter polish that will be perfect for a classy dinner.
  • Add a delicate gold glitter top coat to a soft peach for just a hint of sparkle.
  • A thin silver line where the white and pink meet on a French manicure will add a touch of glam for any bride.
  • Instead of a white tip for a French mani, use a subdued shimmery gold.
  • You don’t even need glitter polish – you can simply use normal polish and loose glitter. Lay out some newspaper first because this can get messy, then while the polish on your nails is still wet, shake over a very fine glitter, and let dry. This creates a textured, but not too sparkly, design.
  • Bonus tip – is you mani starting to chip? Simply brush over a layer of glittery polish and no one will notice!

There’s only one thing not to like about glitter acrylic nails – getting that glitter off! If you have tried to remove glitter polish before, you know what I mean – it just sticks around! Always using a base coat before adding the glitter polish will go a long way to helping get it off, but even with that it can still be difficult. Here is a surefire way to get the glitter polish off:

  • Gather cotton balls, tinfoil, and non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone will weaken and dissolve acrylic nails.
  • Tear the tinfoil into small squares.
  • Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place over your acrylic nail, and wrap in tinfoil.
  • Repeat for the rest of your nails.
  • Sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Unwrap the tinfoil and slide the cotton ball, wiping the nail as you go.

You now should have glitter-free nails, ready for the next design! The nail polish remover will be quite drying on your skin and cuticles, so after washing your hands put on a layer of moisturizer.

So there you have it – glitter acrylic nails are not just a fad – they are fashionable and fun and here to stay! If you want to check out more articles about nail trends, click here! Otherwise leave your comments below!

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