How To Use Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

When it comes to acetone nail polish remover, there is nothing worse than opening up your favorite bottle only to find that the acetone has completely turned the lacquer into a gooey mess. People who paint their fingernails at home know the pain of having a favorite shade turn into a thick, gloppy mess. It’s … Read more

How To File Nails

There’s a right and wrong way to cut your hair, just as there is also a right and wrong way to use a makeup brush, right? Believe it or not, filing your nails isn’t any different. Yes, there is actually a wrong way to file your nails. Although filing and shaping nails might be a … Read more

How to Apply Acrylic Toenails

Acrylic Toenails Banner

Is there anything that feels better than a pedicure especially on nice acrylic toenails? Through the years, pedicures have come a long way. From art brush to fancy designs on acrylic toenails, the pedicure possibilities are endless today. You probably have heard of acrylic nails, but acrylic toenails? Why not? Acrylic toenails are the perfect … Read more

How to File Toenails (the RIGHT Way)

You wouldn’t cut your hair with a dull pair of scissors, right? Of course not. Similar to that, you shouldn’t file your toenails back and forth. (We’ve all been guilty of this one…) And, yes, there is a right and wrong way to file toenails… Filing toenails should never be done aggressively. If you have … Read more

How to Remove a Broken Acrylic Nail

How to take off a broken acrylic nail

If you have acrylic nails, then you know how important it is and how much work it can be to maintain them. You should learn how to remove a broken acrylic nail. Although applying acrylic nails can require a bit of time and maintenance from the nail technician, it is also up to the wearer … Read more

How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

How to apply nail polish like a pro banner

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly painted nails? Your nails look and feel clean, bright, bold and beautiful. The excitement can fade into frustration when you noticed imperfections from your nails. If only you know how to apply nail polish like a PRO. Having painted nails doesn’t have to be an expensive, … Read more