Nail Health Essentials: What Does Cuticle Oil Do?

What Does Cuticle Oil Do

The primary function of cuticle oil is to moisturize and nourish not just your cuticles, but your entire nail area. It’s packed with hydrating ingredients that keep your cuticles soft and pliable, helping to prevent hangnails and cracked skin.  Okay, let’s cut to the chase: Cuticle oil.  Is it just a fancy addition to your … Read more

Why Is My Acrylic Nail Brush Splitting?

Why is My Acrylic Nail Brush Splitting

“Why is my acrylic nail brush splitting?” Splitting can be caused by several factors, such as excessive pressure, poor-quality brushes, exposure to harsh chemicals, and Improper storage or care. The state of your acrylic nail brush can make or break your nail game. A top-quality brush is your secret weapon for precise, flawless application. But … Read more

How to Break in A New Acrylic Nail Brush: Expert Tips For Beginners

How to Break in A New Acrylic Nail Brush

To ensure your acrylic nail brush performs at its best, follow these steps: remove residues, shape and soften the bristles, and eliminate unwanted chemicals. Acrylic nail brushes are essential tools, but new ones often have residues. To optimize their performance, you need to break them in. This ensures a clean, efficient tool and perfect acrylic … Read more

How To Crimp Your Acrylic Nail Brush?

How to Crimp Your Acrylic Nail Brush

In crimping your brush, you need a reliable plier. Secure it firmly in your dominant hand to maintain complete control. You’ll want to avoid any mishaps that might cause your brush to slip from your grasp during the precise crimping process. Ready to up your nail art game? Learn how to crimp your acrylic nail … Read more

How to Flatten Acrylic Nail Brush: A Quick and Easy Guide

The technique of flattening the bristles without causing damage to them requires a gentle approach and the right method. Start by immersing the bristles in acrylic liquid or warm soapy water for a couple of minutes. This step will ensure the bristles are soft and pliable. Flattening your acrylic nail brush is a game-changer for … Read more

Acrylic Nail Brush Sizes: What Is The Best For You?

What is the Best Acrylic Nail Brush Size

Dive into the world of acrylic nail brush sizes and discover the best one for you: Size 8 – Starter’s Choice: Ideal for beginners, offering control and confidence. Size 10 – For Aspiring Nail Techs: A well-rounded pick as your expertise grows. Size 12 – The Favorite: Efficient and accurate, adored by seasoned technicians. Size … Read more

117 Acrylic French Tips Designs That Will Celebrate Your Unique Style

Acrylic French Tips Designs

Ever find yourself running out of ideas? Constantly coming up with new nail designs can be hard. So we decided to create this ridiculously long list of 117 acrylic French tips designs for inspiration. Noticed we said “for inspiration”. If you find yourself using these designs please just simply tag, credit, and tell them you … Read more