The Best LED Lamp for Gel Nails

best led light for gel nails

As a nail technician, your top goal is to make customers happy with stunning nails. To achieve this, you require the right skills and equipment. Alongside a top-notch gel polish brand, an essential tool is a UV or LED lamp for curing.  The MelodySusie Pro48 LED Nail Lamp is here to change the game for … Read more

9 Best Pedicure Chairs to Purchase for Your Salon

As the owner of a salon, you want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience when they visit your salon for their appointments. Therefore, choosing the best pedicure chairs for your salon should be a top priority.  But when there are so many pedicure chairs for sale, it can be difficult to … Read more

The Best LED Gel Lamp & Our Reason Why

best led gel lamp

What is the best LED Gel Lamp? If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer. The MelodySusie UV LED Nail Lamp True 54W Professional Dryer (EOS 9) is the best LED (light emitting diode) gel lamp on the market.  Consumers looking for the best LED gel lamp should consider this MelodySusie product.  If you’re still having … Read more

The Dummies’ Guide for Nail Technicians: How to Buy Your First Nail Drill Kit

nail drill

Buying your first nail drill kit is an exciting venture because it’s an investment in your passion. You’ll give your customers the best results when you buy the best equipment for producing professional-looking nails. (Check out our ‘Ultimate Buying Guide: 10 Best Electric Nail Drills for Beginners‘ to decide your first drill!) Prioritize features like … Read more

What is a 5-in-1 Nail Drill Bit?

Nothing is more convenient than having a single tool that has all the functions that you need without having to change the bits from time to time.

How to Use Ceramic Nail Bits

People usually get confused with the different nail drill bits, and in choosing what is best.  This article focuses on a specific type of nail: the ceramic bits.  It will cover topics that will help you learn how to use ceramic nail bits, the pros, and cons, and a comparison between carbide and ceramic nail … Read more

How to Clean Nail Bits?

How to clean nail bits

The best way how to clean nail bits is by mixing a water-detergent solution or acetone and letting the bits soak into it for around 10 minutes. Dry the drill bit and store it away. Does rinsing off your nail bits with hot water enough to clean them? Are you looking for ways how to … Read more