What is a 5-in-1 Nail Drill Bit?

Nothing is more convenient than having a single tool that has all the functions that you need without having to change the bits from time to time.

How to Use Ceramic Nail Bits

People usually get confused with the different nail drill bits, and in choosing what is best. This article focuses on a specific type of nail bit. And that is ceramic bits. This article will cover topics that will help you learn how to use ceramic nail bits, the pros and cons, and a comparison between … Read more

How to Clean Nail Bits?

How to clean nail bits

The best way how to clean nail bits is by mixing a water-detergent solution or acetone and letting the bits soak into it for around 10 minutes. Dry the drill bit and store it away. Does rinsing off your nail bits with hot water enough to clean them? Are you looking for ways how to … Read more

The 10 Best Acrylic Nail Kits

Acrylic Nail Kit

The best acrylic nail kits you can rely on. Sometimes you need to give yourself an at-home acrylic nail manicure. Whether you’re a budding amateur nail technician or someone who likes to add a little sparkle to their nails, having an acrylic nail kit can be a game-changer. We’re rounding up the ten best acrylic … Read more

The Best Acrylic Powder and Acrylic Liquid for Nails

best acrylic powder

When doing your clients’ nails or even your own nails, you want to ensure that your acrylic manicure lasts as long as possible, especially because of the hard work and focus that goes into creating each acrylic set. But hard work and determination is only half the battle; the other half is using quality products. … Read more

Best Cuticle Nipper Review: The Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper

best cuticle nipper

For many of you who take great pride in nail care, you’ll know that maintenance is key so that you’re nails look beautiful and flawless. Some of the ways to do that include buffing and filing nails instead of clipping them, painting nails with nail strengthener/hardener, taking vitamins in order to grow your nails and … Read more