Nail Tips vs. Nail Forms: Which is Better & Why?

nail tips

Getting beautiful, natural-looking nails is easier than ever today. The options and possibilities are endless. If you are frustrated with your short, dull, and brittle and bitten nails, then you may need a little nail enhancement in your life. Two of the most popular ways to get longer, sexier nails are acrylic nail tips and … Read more

How To Clean Acrylic Nail Brush

acrylic nail brush

How do you clean acrylic nail brush? When it comes to running a nail salon and working as a manicurist, hygiene should always be of the highest priority. One of the tools every nail salon needs is an acrylic brush nail cleaner. To keep things in tip-top condition between applying acrylic nails on clients. If … Read more

The Dos & Don’ts of Nail Buffing

nail buffing

Nail buffing: To Buff or not to buff? Regardless of how long you’ve been getting your nails done or have been doing nails, you have likely come across this question from time to time. This is one question that has sparked debate across the nail industry for some time. For the longest time, nail buffing has … Read more