How Many Fills Before New Set Of Nails: Your Expert Guide to Nail Longevity


Regular fills are necessary every 2-3 weeks to keep acrylic nails in tip-top shape. The health of the natural nail is a top priority when considering the frequency of fills. A new set is typically needed after several months or when significant lifting occurs. Nailing that perfect acrylic look? Continuous upkeep can extend the charm … Read more

What is Polygel: Transforming Your Nail Game with Innovation and Style


Polygel is a hybrid product combining acrylic and gel. This unique blend offers the best of both worlds in one handy product. Whether you’re looking to extend your nails or add a protective layer to your natural ones, Polygel is your go-to solution. Polygel nails fuse acrylic strength with gel flexibility for manicures that last. … Read more

The Insider’s Look: How Long Does a Mani Pedi Take


How long does a mani pedi take? A basic manicure takes 30-45 minutes and a pedicure takes 30-60 minutes. But if it’s the full spa pedicure experience, plan for 60-90 minutes. The time frame varies based on the chosen treatment, the nails’ condition, service complexity and salon efficiency. Hey nail techs! Whether it’s a quick … Read more

MelodySusie Nail Drill Reviews: Top Pick for Pros?

MelodySusie Nail Drill Reviews

When it feels like you’ve tried every nail drill out there, it’s easy to become a skeptic about the next one that rolls in. However, MelodySusie Rechargeable Nail Drill might just be the little white knight your manicure routine never knew it needed. From firsthand experience, I can tell you it offers some sweet relief … Read more

What’s The Difference between a Crimped vs Uncrimped Acrylic Nail Brush

Crimped Vs. Uncrimped Acrylic Nail Brush

Crimped vs uncrimped? Crimped brushes are known for their precision and control, which makes them excellent for detailed work. On the other hand, uncrimped brushes, with their ability to fan out, are a dream for creating full shapes or covering larger areas.  As a nail technician, your tools are your best friends. Among these tools, … Read more

How Long to Leave Cuticle Oil On?

How Long to Leave Cuticle Oil

How long to leave cuticle oil on? A practical guideline is to keep it on for at least 2 hours, as most cuticle oils fully absorb within 2-3 hours.  This time frame allows the oil to deeply hydrate the cuticle and nail bed. However, if you’re pressed for time, a brief application of 10-15 minutes … Read more

How To Tell What Size Drill Bits For Nail Machine

Mastering Precision: How To Tell What Size Drill Bits For Nail Machine

Having a diverse set of drill bit sizes in your toolkit enhances your service range, addressing individual client needs effortlessly. Versatility is paramount in this industry. The right drill bit transforms a basic manicure into a masterpiece, setting you apart as a nail technician. Knowing the size of your nail drill bit is like having … Read more