3 Simple & Sexy Acrylic French Tips You Have to See

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Is there anything more beautiful, classy, and sexier than acrylic french tips? We didn’t think so either. Acrylic french tips look clean, sophisticated, and classy and be designed for any event or occasion. Most french tips involve neutral colors, such as white, off-white, beige, almond or even light pink. One of the reasons why we love acrylic french tips is that they go with everything…

acrylic nail brush

And like with any manicure, acrylic french tips can be designed and shaped in any way. In fact, we love acrylic french tips so much we have compiled a list of our favorite designs and shapes.

Acrylic French Tips for Any Personality, Style or Occasion

Acrylic French Tips Black Bows

1. Black Betty Bows – These french tips nails are sweet, subtle, sophisticated with just a hint of sexy. With a beautiful, clean white acrylic french tip topped with perfect teeny tiny black bows along the nail line, and a tiny jewel in the middle of each bow, these “Black Betty” bows are subtly sweet and sexy with a touch of elegance, making them the perfect option to dress up any outfit for any occasion.

You can also try different style and bow colors. You might want to add some bow decals too.

simple Acrylic French Tips

2. Keep it Simple As we mentioned above, french tips can be as crazy or as calm, cool, and collected as you want. In this example we see perfect white acrylic french tip nails gels. They are short, slightly rounded, and painted to perfection.

These acrylic french tips are great if you want to keep your look simple, perfect for a formal event or for every day at school or the office.

Acrylic French Tips Red

3. A Walk of the Wild SideNow let’s take a little walk on the wild side… These pointed, bright red acrylic french tips really make a statement.

Acrylic french nails tips don’t always have to be a neutral color; they can be any color you want! Go for a simple or sexy stiletto shape, and now you’ve really got some nails to show off!

When it comes to acrylic french tips, the possibilities are truly endless. From shape, size, color and design, there is an acrylic french nail tip design for every personality, style, and taste. So, whether you want to dress it up for a formal occasion or keep it casual and simple, acrylic french tips are right for everyone.

Do you love acrylic french tips? Do you have a favorite design? If so, we’d love for you to share it with us! Show us pictures or drop us a comment in the box below. Love this article? Share it with your friends!

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