Top 5 Black Gel Polish Brands That Will Rock Your World

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If you’re looking to experiment with a new black gel polish brand or having difficulty finding the right brand, then read this article. I have researched the top 5 black gel brands that will rock your world.

There are so many different types and brands of black gel nail polish, how do you know which is the best to use and which is right for you?

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Read on for a complete list of the best black gel nail polish brands and where to find them.

Back in Black: Sleek & Sophisticated Black Gel Polish

1. OPI GelColor Black ONYX – Has OPI ever disappointed? 

We didn’t think so… OPI provides a true gelish black, which is easy to apply and easy to remove (not that you would want to).

The only requirements are one coat of gel, one top coat, and a little black dress.

2. Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish – Gelish is one of the top gel nail polish brands available for at-home and salon use.

Gelish provides a quality product that doesn’t chip or peel and is easy to soak off in 10 to 15 minutes.

It also hardens under a lamp in approximately 30 seconds.

This Vishine Gelish black polish will stay a shiny black for up to three weeks!

3. Modelones Gel Nail Polish – Newest brand on the list. Not only does this sound delicious, it’s also a reliable gel polish.

Modelones offers a line of Soak-Off black gel polish, which is applied smoother, thinner, and lasts longer. 

No base coats, primers or bond aids are needed with this fabulous brand.

Just a two-step application system, fast results, and a long-lasting black gel for weeks!

4. IBD Just Gel Polish, Black Lava – IBD’s “Just Gel” black lava polish is easy to apply and easy to soak off, providing you with that rich, dark, shiny black you are going for. 

IBD also provides an even color, which keeps your black gel nail polish smooth and sleek.

The IBD gel formula is also designed to help keep nails strong and healthy, without chipping and peeling, and keeping nails looking hot in black.

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Topcoat – This black gel polish is truly a miracle.

Sally Hansen provides a true black that only requires a single coat of black gel and one coat of topcoat for shiny, beautiful black nails. 

That’s it. Sally Hansen saves the day again!

What Gel Colors Make Black?

What shades make up this magical hue? In order to make black with gel colors, you need blue, red, and yellow mixed together. The color will be more vibrant if the red is stronger than the blue in proportion.

But the key ingredient is of course is blue. You need about 20-30% for the desired effect. I wouldn’t recommend mixing the gel colors together on a client’s real nails.

It might not turn out how the client wants and you’ll just be waiting all that time. Just buy a few extra bottles if you use them often.

Why Does Black Gel Polish Wrinkle?

Black gel polishes can wrinkle due to multiple reasons, but the most likely culprit behind these small bumps in your manicure lies within how the gel was formulated. Sometimes black gel polishes can wrinkle because they are made of substances that are not able to be cured with UV light.

Another reason why black gel polish can wrinkle is that it wasn’t given ample time for curing. So give it 10mins and double it!

There are two types of gels: liquid-based ones that cure using LED lights and those made from polymers like acrylics. The gel is thicker than regular polishes that’s why you need them to stay put under an ultraviolet lamp longer so that they can harden—and even more importantly, this process seals up their molecules better.

Can blacklight cure gel polish? Black lights are a type of fluorescent lamp that gives off ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, meaning it is safe to use on your nails in the salon. But I would totally advise you on getting your own LED lamp.

We have this great guide here.

Once You Go Black…

So what is the best black gel polish?

You can never go wrong with OPI or Gelish.

So whether you are going for a sleek and sophisticated look to compliment that little black dress for a night on the town or a rock and roll concert, we are certain that with these choices of black gel polish, you really WON’T go back!

Do you have a favorite black gel polish that you can’t live without? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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