Wow, thanks for actually checking out my ‘About’ page!

Hello and welcome to Polish Perfect. My name is Lynda and I’m here to educate you on simplified and actionable nail techniques (as well as the industry)!

Polish Perfect was created in 2016 with one goal in mind, and that goal was to provide easy-to-understand advice for anyone who was looking for more information about the nail and beauty industry.

For quite some time now I’ve been looking for blogs to learn from, but haven’t found much out there— (surprisingly…)—So… what did I do? I’ve decided to create my own. 🙂

Polish Perfect will focus on a wide range of related topics about the industry.

Articles also could be about hand and nail care, the business, in general, nail products, and the latest nail polish collections. Hopefully, you guys could take away some neat tips from my 20 years of experience. Hope you enjoy it!