What is a 5-in-1 Nail Drill Bit?

Nothing is more convenient than having a single tool that has all the functions that you need without having to change the bits from time to time.

How to Use Ceramic Nail Bits

People usually get confused with the different nail drill bits, and in choosing what is best. This article focuses on a specific type of nail bit. And that is ceramic bits. This article will cover topics that will help you learn how to use ceramic nail bits, the pros and cons, and a comparison between … Read more

How to Clean Nail Bits?

How to clean nail bits

The best way how to clean nail bits is by mixing a water-detergent solution or acetone and letting the bits soak into it for around 10 minutes. Dry the drill bit and store it away. Does rinsing off your nail bits with hot water enough to clean them? Are you looking for ways how to … Read more

How To Use Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

When it comes to acetone nail polish remover, there is nothing worse than opening up your favorite bottle only to find that the acetone has completely turned the lacquer into a gooey mess. People who paint their fingernails at home know the pain of having a favorite shade turn into a thick, gloppy mess. It’s … Read more

How To Dispose of Acetone

How To Dispose of Acetone

So, you just finished your nails. They look beautiful. Now that they have finished drying, it’s time to clean up. You properly sanitize your tools and throw away any paper products you have used to paint your nails to perfection. But what about your used nail polish remover? How To Dispose of Acetone? Should you … Read more

How To File Nails

How to file nails

There’s a right and wrong way to cut your hair, just as there is also a right and wrong way to use a makeup brush, right? Believe it or not, filing your nails isn’t any different. Yes, there is actually a wrong way to file your nails. Although filing and shaping nails might be a … Read more

10 Nail Salon Interior Design Ideas

nail salon ideas

One of the key aspects of running a nail salon means getting the salons interior correct. After all, design is everything. A modern nail salon isn’t just a place for a customer to get their nails done: it’s also a relaxing space where customers can rest, feel at peace in the tranquil atmosphere and take … Read more