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What are the best pages for Tumblr nail designs? Tumblr has such a massive user base that a “tumblr nail designs” search will display thousands of images; you may not know where to start.

In this article, we’ll narrow it down what we think are the 10 best accounts to cut down your search time and get you started with your tumblr nail designs.

1. Unique HairStyles 

The Unique HairStyles Tumblr page specializes in makeup, nails, fashion, and hairstyles.  One of the best features of this account is the high volume of their posts.  Nearly every day you will find new updates from all of their categories, including nail designs.

All the photos posted on Unique Hairstyles are professional and high quality.  The photos are strategically laid out on the homepage so that three or four different pictures are visible at the same time.  Each picture has a different theme.

The nail photographs are my favorite. All the nail shots include a variety of rings for inspiration on pairing jewelry with the fingertip designs.  There are also some cool images of fingernails touching a mouth with matching lipstick. 

The Unique Hairstyles Tumblr is perfect for tumblr nail designs and niche fashion inspiration.

2. Lady Crappo

If you want to see nail art with eccentric designs, bright colors, and precision detail, the lady crappo Tumblr page is the best source.  Her Tumblr account is strictly photographs of nails, which is a good source for your tumblr nail designs.

Lady Crappo not only creates unique nail art, but she also has a different design on each nail! So some of her photos display ten separate paintings between her two hands. 

She only displays content of nails that she painted herself. In doing so, she shows off her skills not only as a nail and fashion expert but also as an artist. 

Lady Crappo also offers in-depth written tutorials that include pictures and step-by-step progression for followers who want to try precision designs themselves. She even explains nail care tips, brush cleaning guides, and other fun facts for nail painting enthusiasts.  Lady Crappo has the best tumblr nail designs.

3. Nail Pornography

Here is another tumblr  that only posts nail related content. Don’t worry; the Nail Pornography Tumblr website is safe to view at work, despite the name. Nail Pornography shares original photos as well as user submissions.

Followers have the option to enter their submissions in weekly contests. All Tumblr users can vote for their favorite entry of the week. The winner receives a promotion package as well as their personal page and photo displayed on the blog. 

Nail Pornography also offers video demonstrations. For example, during their St. Patrick’s Day nails of the week contest, they shared a video tutorial for viewers to watch a custom holiday-themed process. 

The Nail Pornography homepage displays site navigation options to narrow your search. Some of the categories include 3D, accent, designs, do-it-yourself, marble, nail polish, ombre, patterns, solid, and sparkles. Truly a great tumblr nail designs account.

4. Nailsandinspo 

The nailsandinspo, also known as the Nails, Nails, Nails Tumblr page has a simple layout, format, and theme. As the name implies, all the photographs are meant for nail art inspiration.

For easy navigation on the blog, the archives page displays a grid format so you can see dozens of images at the same time while scrolling. Click the thumbnail for any picture that captures your attention for a large and detailed image. 

Although the nailsandinspo page does not have specific written information about the nail art, they still have thousands of images for you to choose from. If you are looking for a new look for your nails but are need some visual inspiration, you will find something on this page. 

5. Nail Art

The Nail Art Tumblr blog posts original pictures and user submissions. The pictures display a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. You will see solid colors, acrylics, sparkles, 3D, and precision art paintings. 

In addition to photos, this blog also covers informational content, tutorials, and advice. For example, they have a guide for applying acrylics. Between the images and written steps, you follow the instructions to achieve the desired looks at home, without going to a professional. Her tumblr nail designs are really amazing.

The tone of all the written content is very personable. You feel like the author is a close friend of yours that just wants to discuss her passion nail art though friendly conversation. 

6. Blondie’s Nails

The majority of content on Blondie’s Nails Tumblr is images of painted nails. Blondie also has some videos, links to related blog posts, and the occasional humorous but a relatively edgy jokes. 

For example, Blondie jokingly offers advice such as painting your middle finger a different color than the rest of your nails. The different colored nail will look good, but also give you an excuse to flip people off (LOL great stuff).

Blondie’s designs range from simple to complex, a must follow page for tumblr nail designs.

7. JeeA Lee’s Nail Art

JeeA Lee posts roughly four designs each month, but she has a special talent as a nail painting artist. All of the designs on JeeA Lee’s Tumblr page are painted freehand, on her own natural nails.

All the content is 100% original and painted by JeeA Lee herself.  The designs are complex and vary from nail to nail.  The tone of her page and art is very “girly” with bright pink, light blue, yellow, and white combinations.  For girly tumblr nail designs she is the one you should follow.

Specific categories include Disney themes, comics, movies, music, characters, seasonal, mix and match, and TV shows.  Although her designs would be difficult for you to replicate, they are still amazing pieces of art that you must check out. 

8. Elevator Nails

The photos on the Elevator Nails Tumblr are not professional quality or edited. Amateur photos provide a more accurate representation of what your nails look like during day-to-day activity. 

In addition to photographs, the Elevator Nails page frequently does Q&A sessions that are nail related and sometimes personal questions. 

9. Chrissy’s Nail Art

The Tumblr account for Chrissy’s Nail Art is another must-see for all nail design lovers. 

Chrissy uses lots of heavy saturation and dark colors in her unique paintings. She uses various online images, fabrics, and photos as inspiration for her nail art.  

Although sometimes her posts are infrequent, her designs are intricate with meticulous attention to detail. She has an amazing color floral pattern painted on black nails that used 38 different nail polish colors!

Chrissy has lots of different skull designs, which are a personal favorite. Each skull varies from nail to nail while maintaining the same theme. She also paints outdoor scenes, holiday images, and detailed animals. For complicated arts her tumblr nail designs is a must follow page.

She even creates some designs that come together as a larger image when all the fingernails are touching. Chrissy is an expert nail painting artist, and her Tumblr page is worth visiting. 

10. Nail Allie

Nail Allie’s Tumblr offers pictures, tutorials, and videos.  The majority of her designs are simple, and followers can replicate her art at home, especially with the help of her tutorials. Her tumblr nail designs are pleasing yet easy to do.

Her nail themes are usually fun and quirky, but all are esthetically pleasing to the eye.  Allie answers questions from her followers on a personable and relatable level. 

Final Thoughts On This Tumblr Nail Designs

Why use Tumblr for advice on nail art? Because the Tumblr format offers easily accessible content in the form of pictures. 

Whether you just like looking at nail art photos, or if you need inspiration for your personal nails, all the accounts listed above are the best place to start your tumblr nail designs search!

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