117 Acrylic French Tips Designs That Will Celebrate Your Unique Style

Acrylic French Tips Designs

Ever find yourself running out of ideas? Constantly coming up with new nail designs can be hard. So we decided to create this ridiculously long list of 117 acrylic French tips designs for inspiration. Noticed we said “for inspiration”. If you find yourself using these designs please just simply tag, credit, and tell them you … Read more

Top 5 Black Gel Polish Brands That Will Rock Your World

black gel polish

Discover the ultimate black gel polish brands that’ll transform your nail game. OPI GelColor Black ONYX reigns supreme for its pitch-perfect black hue and effortless application. Elevate your personal style with these stunning and diverse options. Uncover the secrets to a flawless, high-gloss finish.  Nail the timeless, bold look you crave. Your perfect manicure starts … Read more

19 Go-To Nail Salon Designs

Nail salon designs can be tricky at home. Even with tools, a shaky hand can ruin nail art. Luckily, salons offer stylish nail art designs, from chic to colorful, saving you from DIY disasters.  Say goodbye to boring nails and hello to fabulous salon designs! These salon designs are a great solution if you’re tired … Read more

15 Must-Have Gel Polish Brands That You Will Love

Gel nail polish has changed the nail industry for both salons and nail enthusiasts. One of the main reasons why gel nail polish is so popular is because of its chip-free and long-lasting properties, which help nails look fresh and clean for up to three weeks.  As a result, many brands have developed their own … Read more

Classy Shellac Nail Colors for Summer That You Will Love

 With summer 2023 still around the corner, it’s not too late to have your shellac nail colors for the season.   Just like your wardrobe changes each season, your shellac manicure colors need to change accordingly.  Proper gel polish is a fashionable way to compliment your summer outfit. What is Shellac? Shellac is a brand extension … Read more

Why OPI Alpine Snow is A Must-Have Color

OPI Alpine Snow

Are you constantly on the hunt for the perfect nail polish shade?  Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, unsure of which will suit every occasion or season? You’re not alone.  Finding that versatile nail polish color, especially a white shade, can be quite a challenge. If you’re looking for the perfect … Read more

Is Glitter Acrylic Just a Fad?

When it comes to nail trends, glitter acrylic nails have been making a splash in the beauty world.  From rainbow shimmer to confetti-sized sparkles, there are so many options for the glitter acrylic nail fan (check out other articles about nail salon designs).  But the question remains: Is glitter acrylic nails just a fad, or … Read more