Nail Tips vs. Nail Forms: Which is Better & Why?

Ever wondered the best way to flaunt those dreamy, sexy, extended nails?  In the world of nail enhancements, the nail tips vs nail forms debate often pops up.  While nail tips offer a quick, uniform appeal, nail forms promise customization and durability.  Curious about which reigns supreme for most scenarios? Let’s dive in and compare … Read more

How To Clean Acrylic Nail Brush Like A Pro

Ever wondered how to achieve those perfectly maintained acrylic nail brushes, ready for a flawless application each time?  As a passionate nail tech, I believe that hygiene is the heart of every gorgeous nail job, and that’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to clean acrylic nail brush.  Read more to discover … Read more

The Dos & Don’ts of Nail Buffing

nail buffing

Regardless of how long you’ve been getting your nails done or have been doing nails, you have likely come across this question from time to time.  This is one question that has sparked debate across the nail industry for some time. So, today we are going to try to settle the score once and for … Read more