Best Cuticle Nipper Review: The Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper

For many of you who take great pride in nail care, you’ll know that maintenance is key so that you’re nails look beautiful and flawless. Some of the ways to do that include buffing and filing nails instead of clipping them, painting nails with nail strengthener/hardener, taking vitamins in order to grow your nails and … Read more

Top Ten Tips on How to Improve Your Salon Instagram Presence

media marketing for salons

You might have set up Instagram for your business. But are you struggling with establishing a loyal following? Then don’t worry – you’re not the only one and there are solutions to help you deal with this. How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing For Salons On Instagram Using social media channels such as Instagram … Read more

Five Fantastic Ways To Get Customer Reviews For Your Beauty Salon

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Top 10 Nail Polishes from Spring & Summer 2017

nail polishes summer 2017

It happens all the time. You just got another manicure… and chose the same or similar color. Now that summer is finally under way, it’s time to try something different! Although spring is technically over and summer is well under way, nail polish colors, such as Cake Pop (not just a delicious treat), lime green, … Read more

10 Must-Follow Tumblr Influencers for Nail Art

tumblr nail designs

What are the best pages for Tumblr nail designs? Tumblr has such a massive user base that a “tumblr nail designs” search will display thousands of images; you may not know where to start. In this article, we’ll narrow it down what we think are the 10 best accounts to cut down your search time … Read more