Valentino Nail Drill Review: The Must-Have Tool for Perfect Nails

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Valentino Nail Drill Review

Before you add another gadget to your collection, let’s get the lowdown on this high-end nail drill that we just tried out.

Known for its sleek design and robust functionality, Valentino Beauty Pure VUnit E-File is best for pros to elevate their nail game.

Here’s a quick Valentino nail drill review for you:


Precision and performance that rival other nail drills

A design that shouts “chic” from every angle

It’s like a bulldozer in terms of brute power but tiptoes around like a ballerina, with next to no noise or vibration

Think durability meets reliability; it’s like the Superman of nail drills

And, oh, did I mention the handpiece feels like a feather? Your hands will thank you after those marathon mani sessions


A bit of grumbling about speed control, like a temperamental sports car

Some nail fashionistas are hungry for more color choices. Black or silver, perhaps?

Usability could reach new heights with a snazzy digital RPM display


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of acrylics, an artist of gel polish, or a fan of intricate nail art, this nail drill promises to be the perfect partner in your creative journey.

With whispers of its adjustable control panel and impressive features circulating in the beauty community, one begins to wonder if this tool is the velvet glove to your iron fist.

Valentino Nail Drill Review Overview

This little gem, the Valentino VUnit – E-File, is not your ordinary nail drill.

It’s like the cool cousin of the standard drills you’d find dangling at most salons.

Promising salon-quality nails from the comfort of your couch, it comes loaded with an adjustable control panel and all the bells and whistles necessary for a pro finish.

This drill is equipped with a sharper focus on usability and design refinement when compared to its predecessors.

Why settle for less when you can have the market leader’s quality in a sleek package?

Here’s the scoop: the package arrives with everything you need to give those cuticles the royal treatment.

Plus, the beauty world has been buzzing about how it stands a step ahead with its standout features.

Valentino Vunit has etched its name in the glam world since its inception. It’s one of those brands that grew from a small seedling of an idea into an oak tree of a beauty empire, trusted by nail techs galore.

Now, before you flip your wallet open and say “take my money,” it’s crucial to dive deep into what makes the Valentino Nail Drill stand out from the rest, and if it’s truly the right fit for your manicure merriments.

Choosing The Right Nail Drill: Key Factors To Consider

Nail care enthusiasts and pros know that a great nail drill can be an absolute game-changer for mani-pedi sessions. 

So, whether you’re shaping acrylics or gliding through a gel removal, finding ‘The One’—a nail drill that screams perfection—is a quest worth taking.

Who’s This For? 

You, the nail artist craving speed and precision, or even you, the at-home manicure master.

If your idea of a nightmare is a clunky drill that’s as portable as a fridge—simply skip on those and eye the sleek, cordless models.

On the flip side, if power matters less to you than a sound bargain, there are more cost-effective, albeit tethered, options.

Before adding the Vunit nail drill, or any stellar drill to your arsenal, ponder over these must-haves:

RPM (rotations or revolutions per minute)

Speed rules! Look for an electric nail drill that offers a wide RPM range for maximum control.

The Vunit, without a doubt, has high speed, smooth operation, and torque. These aspects contribute to efficient and precise nail work, which is essential for professionals seeking reliable tools.

Though I experienced some slight issues with speed control, specifically when setting the drill at a certain speed, overall it is one powerful tool to have.

Comfort and Portability

Love to nail it on the move? A portable, cordless drill is your BFF.

I also appreciate the comfort and ergonomics of the handpiece, emphasizing its lightweight design and comfortable grip.

This suggests that the product is designed with user comfort in mind, which is crucial for professionals who use it extensively.

Power Source & Battery Life

A drill with dependable battery life saves the day during those long sessions.

The Vunit has a long battery life. It’s longevity highlights its practicality for extended use. This can be a crucial factor for professionals who require reliable tools during long working hours.


Less is more, folks. A steady hand needs a steady drill.

One thing that stands out with the Vunit nail drill is that it has low vibration and noise levels.

This indicates that the product offers a comfortable and quiet experience, which is important for nail technicians who often work for long hours.

Foot Pedal

Hands busy? Let your feet take the lead for a change!

When you pick up that power-packed, versatile machine that promises the earth, moon, and stars, remember it’s all about finding the right fit for your needs—the kind that makes you say, 

“Where have you been all my life?” Happy drilling!

Best Valentino Nail Drill Benefits And Features

valentino nail drill review

When you’re aiming for that flawless manicure or are up to your elbows in creative 3D nail art, the right tools are everything.

One standout performer in the sea of nail drills is the Valentino VUnit E-File—let’s look at why.

Firstly, the 35,000 RPM motor in this E-File is akin to the cheetah of motors in the nail tech world.

Its high speed means you’ve got the power to file your way through the most stubborn of acrylics, smoothing out any surface with ease. Fast, precise, and efficient—the trifecta of a professional manicure.

The VUnit boasts a brushless motor that’s not just about longevity but also maintenance. With no brushes to replace, you’re looking at a hug in cost savings over time. And goodness, the motor hums quietly.

It’s the ninja of your nail tech arsenal, leading to a more peaceful and relaxing experience for you and your clients.

A major perk is the included 110v – 220v controller, which speaks volumes about convenience. Whether you’re buffing nails in the States or shaping tips in Europe, you’re just one plug away from getting to work.

Think of it as a well-traveled companion for your nail art journey.

And let’s talk bits—size matters here! The 3/32” bit size is the universal fit for nail bits, so you’re never scavenging for the right size. Swap in your favorite bits and get creative without missing a beat.

Finally, a 1-year warranty is your safety net. It’s reassurance that your investment has backup, giving you the confidence to file, shape, and polish away without a worry.

Every detail on Valentino VUnit E-File, from its design to its features, targets solving the core problem of speed, efficiency, and versatility in nail care without sacrificing quality.

Who Would Love This Nail Drill?

Whether you’re a DIY devotee sprucing up your nails from the comfort of your couch, or a pro nail tech decking out clients with the fanciest of finger fashion, the Valentino Nail Drill has something for everyone.

Let’s break it down and see why different users would be smitten with this versatile tool.

DIY Nail Enthusiasts: At-Home Use

Got a craving for creative nail art or just keeping those natural nails trimmed and stylish? You’ll be jazzed about the Valentino Nail Drill‘s compact design and low vibration.

Perfect for cozy evenings spent giving yourself that luxury manicure or pedicure, this drill glides through gel polish like a dream.

The adjustable control panel lets you swap between settings with ease, so you can go from careful cuticle work to spirited shaping in no time.

And let’s not forget, this little beauty is as portable as your favorite lipstick – minus the smudging.

Pros Top Pick: Professional Settings Use

If your salon is more crowded than a Black Friday sale, the Valentino Nail Drill is the sidekick you deserve. 

Acrylic nails? Bring ’em on. This tool’s robust motor and array of drill bits are cut out for any style. 

Pros adore the precision that comes standard with Valentino – whether it’s creating intricate nail art or navigating a sea of polish, you’re covered.

Accessories like sanding bands make service swifter than a squirrel scooting up a tree.

Plus, the trusty carrying case and admirable heat dissipation mean you can keep your cool, even when your client list is hotter than a summer sidewalk.


Achieving that perfect mani can be a real struggle with issues like stubborn cuticles and uneven acrylic surfaces. 

After taking Valentino VUnit E-File for a spin, I believe it lives up to its reputation.

In terms of power, the VUnit is a powerhouse, tackling everything from full sets to quick touch-ups. It’s all about precision, banishing bulky cuticles and uneven surfaces like a pro.

This drill is a game-changer, whether you’re a DIY maestro or a salon pro. With features like a brushless motor, an adjustable control panel, and a universal bit size, it’s your compact, portable sidekick for all things nails.

Though VUnit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, for its occasional grumbling and expensive price, all its features and capabilities make it a good investment for professionals

Ready to level up your nail game? 

You can always check out the Valentino VUnit Nail Drill and bid adieu to nail dilemmas!

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