Top Ten Tips on How to Improve Your Salon Instagram Presence

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You might have set up Instagram for your business. But are you struggling with establishing a loyal following? Then don’t worry – you’re not the only one and there are solutions to help you deal with this.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing For Salons On Instagram

Using social media channels such as Instagram is a great way to showcase your brand.  Social media marketing for salons is an essential part to boost your salon. Generating interest, getting customers in and generating revenue.

Here are some tips on hoe you can imporve your instagram presence for your salon. 

1. Use hashtags

If you’re on Instagram then hashtags are your friend! Utilizing hashtags is a great technique to help increase your salon’s presence.

More users in Instagram will discover your salon is you use hashtags. More audience means more engagements, traffic, and interactions to generate.

Add hashtags within the caption. Such hashtags you could use include:

  • #salon
  • #nailsalon
  • #nailart
  • #beauty
  • #bestnailsalon
  • #bestsalon
  • #nailpolish
  • #nailvarnish

2. Post consistently

An inactive Instagram account is not a good look. It can lead to a lack of interest from your current followers. It can put potential followers off from following you because it shows that you’re not committed. An inactive account means that potential customers not be likely to see your salon at all.

Posting on Instagram consistently needs to be a priority. Establish a social media strategy for your Instagram account. Determine when you’ll post, how often you’ll post per week, and what times you’ll post on the day. Social media marketing for salons really is a tedious job.

3. Tag your favorite brands

Every salon has a number of products or brands that they use for treatments on their customers. You can take a photo of the product you frequently use. Upload it into your Instagram account and tag the relevant brand. 

This is a good tactic to try out. Brands like to see their clients using their products. You might get a shoutout, which means more traffic and attention to your salon’s Instagram page. Tagging a brand is an excellent strategy for social media marketing for salons.

4. Post high-quality photos

This goes without saying, but high-quality pictures tend to do better on Instagram. Users are more likely to engage and connect with photos that are pleasing. These types of pictures show your brand in a positive light. High-quality photos tend to receive more engagement. The higher the levels of engagement, the more likely people are to see your salon. Excellent photos mean excellent social media marketing for salons.

5. Interact and engage

Social media marketing for salons is not just about posting content. It is also about connecting with your followers and target audience. Speak to your followers, ‘like’ their comments, and if they’ve tagged your account in their photos, ‘like’ them. Interacting with your consumer shows that you are interested. That you care about them. Having an interaction is a good strategy for social media marketing for salons.

6. Boost your posts

Like many other social media channels, Instagram offers the option to ‘boost’ your posts. This means that you can pay to promote your posts. The benefit of this is that you can reach out to your target audience who may not have seen or heard of your nail salon before. Boosting gets your salon out there a lot more without having to spend the time doing so. Boosting your post will make your social media marketing for salon easier.

7. Fill in your profile/bio section

The first thing that people will see when they your profile is the bio section, which explains what your account is all about in a nutshell. Treat this section as a virtual business card and sell your salon!

Add important details, such as a contact information, location, website link, etc. Even if an Instagram user doesn’t follow the account or like a photo, they can still take notes of the details, get in touch or even pop in for a visit.

8. Host a contest

Users need an incentive to engage and keep coming back to your account. One way to do that is to host a giveaway. Run a competition and offer something free for the winner, such as a free treatment, and you’ll be able to attract interest to your salon’s profile.

You could also offer additional incentives to your followers, such as discounts, special deals and exclusive invites to events. Contes such as liking, sharing and tagging is one of those most effective social media marketing for salons strategy.

9. Add videos

In this day and age of social media, video content is the most popular form of media. Don’t just add photos to your salon’s Instagram account – add videos too. You could add videos of quick tutorials, events at your salon, or a quick tips video where you share your favourite nail polish hacks. Having a viral video is one of a good start for your socila media marketing for salons.

10. Organize a takeover

A social media takeover is where a public figure – such as a celebrity or influencer – takes over the social media account of a brand or company to post content. This is an effective way to boost your salon’s presence and to generate interest and bookings. If users see a public figure that they recognise taking over the Instagram account then they are more likely to check out your salon’s account. Takeover is  a really good way to boost up your social media marketing for salons.

Nowadays, social media marketing for salons is essential to help drum up interest and business. Getting seen on Instagram can be a challenge, but if you spend time following these top tips and establishing an effective social media strategy, then you can be sure to generate interest, target the right audience and improve your Instagram presence for your salon.

By following these hints, you’ll be able to get your nail salon seen and you’re highly likely to increase your consumer base and increase sales. In addition to this, Instagram marketing will help to keep your brand active and well-established.

All in all, social media marketing for salons is a fantastic way to get noticed.

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Do you use Instagram to help promote your nail salon? Do you have any tips that have helped you to get your nail salon noticed on Instagram? If so, then leave a comment below.

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