Best Cuticle Nipper Review: The Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper

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For many of you who take great pride in nail care, you’ll know that maintenance is key so that you’re nails look beautiful and flawless.

Some of the ways to do that include buffing and filing nails instead of clipping them, painting nails with nail strengthener/hardener, taking vitamins in order to grow your nails and keep them strong, applying cuticle oil and clearing the nails of dead skin using the best cuticle nipper.

If you often notice that your nails have cuticles that needs removing, then you should invest in a cuticle nipper. When used carefully and correctly, then it can help to improve the appearance of your nails.

We recommend the Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper, one of the best cuticle nippers on the market right now.

Taking care of your cuticles requires a combination of items. For regular care, it is recommended that you use cuticle oil and nail cream, as these products can help keep your nails free from cuticles. You can search for the best cuticle cutter but you should be aware of how to use it correctly to avoid damaging your nails and the skin around it.

If you have a clumsy hand, stick to using cuticle oil. If you work as a manicurist, then you’ll find a cuticle cutter to be a vital tool as part of your manicure set, but ensure that you sterilize the tool every time you’ve finished using it.

What makes a nipper the best cuticle nipper?

When looking for the best cuticle nipper, you should look for one that’s perfectly designed with a high quality stainless steel, an anti-skip handle and an eagle mouth shaped blade. A good cuticle nipper is supposed to be smooth and comfortable to use. You can also seek out the best cuticle nipper reviews to help you make an informed decision.

The Born Pretty nipper is a cuticle remover that is made from premium stainless steel and has been created to cleanly and easily snip away at the dead skin around the nails.

With its effective design, the Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper Dead is safe to use, and it allows for smooth and comfortable use. It’s perfect for use at home, in the spa or in the nail salon. As a manicurist, this is your perfect beauty tool to keep nails looking immaculate and impeccable. This item is not for novices.

Nail Art Cuticle Nipper:

  • Has been designed for professional use.
  • Has been created to allow for ease of use so that you can snip away the cuticle.
  • Has been created with high quality material so that you can hold the cuticle clipper easily.
  • Is sharp (not too sharp according to reviewers) but safe.
  • Is sturdy and durable.

In addition to this, the cuticle nipper:

  • Is better for professional use, but can also be used at home.
  • Needs to be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • Needs to be cleaned and sterilized after each use. Disinfection is essential, especially if use on another person.
  • Needs to be stored with a protective cap on to prevent you from getting hurt by the item.
  • Is recommended for private use.

Let’s go through the features and benefits.

What makes Born Pretty Clipper the Best Cuticle Nipper?

Premium Quality Clippers

The clippers – designed with a strong string in place – are sturdy and durable and they are sharp yet safe to use. Because if these features, they are high quality cuticle clippers that are perfect for clearing away dead skin effectively and make it easy to hold on to.

Stainless Steel

The Born Pretty Nail Art Cuticle Nipper Dead Skin Remover has been made with stainless steel to retain sharpness for longer.


While it’s sharp, it’s safe to use and has been created for smooth and comfortable use. It won’t hurt or tug away at your skin. 

Perfect For Nail Art

Create pretty nail art with these clippers, such as adding gold strip foil to create a two-toned nail polish look. It is the best cuticle nipper for your nail art designs.


These cuticle clippers are sold by the seller “BornPrettyStore” and are genuine.

Chameleon Color

This cuticle nipper comes in a multicoloured form, which is cute and snazzy. Which makes it one of the best cuticle nipper available.

The nipper from Born Pretty received a lot of positive reviews online, mainly through Amazon. On average, customers rated the product 4.7 out of 5 stars. Making it the best cuticle nipper available in stores.

Here are some of the comments customers have been making over the item:

Beautiful and high quality: “I bought these because they are so pretty I had to have them. I wasn’t expecting much in quality, just a standard cuticle nipper. I was quite surprised and impressed once I received them. They are stunning in person but the quality is so good. They are very sharp and precise. The cap is absolutely awesome. I love that they come with the cap. Out of the two others I already have from local stores these are my favorite. I would definitely recommend them, this is the best cuticle nipper ever.”

Worth the money! “These are great for the price! I can tell you these are really sharp. Not too sharp. But they don’t pull when you trim. The design is beautiful. They disinfect really easily. I’ve been a licensed manicurist for 3 years. And I wanted something different than just your average silver cuticle nippers. So I gave these a whirlwind and I’m so happy I did!! I’ll be ordering a few more pairs. They’re so cheap. The best cuticle nipper I’ve purchased.”

Great buy: “One of the best products I have used in a long time. It is very sturdy and has a good grip for delicate jobs. I use to trim hangnails and never been happier. The protective cover for the tip is perfect. The spring that holds the prongs are sturdy and looks like will last for a long time. I will definitely be buying this again.”

Quality product, easy to work with: “Love my new clippers! They’re nice and sharp, lightweight and easy to hold. I highly recommend them.”

Best cuticle nipper I’ve ever owned: “Sharpest and best cuticle nipper I’ve ever owned. The handle reduces stress and is easy to control.”

If you’re interested in alternative products to the Born Pretty’s cuticle nipper, then here are our recommendations:

Overall, the Born Pretty Nail Art cuticle nipper is the best cuticle nipper on the market right now. It has been rated highly and many customers on Amazon have given it a positive review.

Its features – stainless steel, premium quality and durability – mean that the nipper has been designed for effective cuticle removal, nail maintenance and giving the nails and the skin around your nails a flawless look.

Check out the Born Pretty Nail’s cuticle nipper here.

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