Should you get UV or LED for Your Salon?

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UV or LED nail lamp (Ultraviolet Radiation or Light Emitting Diode nail lamps) is already considered a part of the nail process in a nail salon.

But many customers are starting to question their safety. While these lamps are frequently utilized to quickly dry manicures, they’re even more necessary in setting gel manicures.

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Both lamps emit radiation through their UV rays, which, from some studies, are linked to skin cancer as well as skin aging.

However, even lamps with the most intense radiation can only provide moderate risks —- far lower than what’s seen on tanning beds in tanning salons.

To keep things on the safe side for gel manicures, it’s advised to apply sunscreen (preferably those with a broad spectrum) on the hands before undergoing UV light treatment.

UV or LED Nail Lamp on Gel Manicure

UV or LED Nail Lamp on Gel Manicure: Why It’s Needed

If you want a gel manicure, you have no choice but to settle for a nail lamp.

Gel nail polish won’t dry unless it’s directly exposed to a certain wavelength of a UV or LED light. This is due to the molecules created by gel polish manufacturers.

Photo-initiators, on the other hand, require light exposure to be activated to complete the drying process, evidently leading to a dry and shiny nail polish.

If you have no intention of curing the gel under a UV or LED nail lamp, the whole process will be pointless since the paint will quickly chip off.

This defeats the purpose of having chip-free nails for the next few weeks as intended.

UV and LED Nail Lamp Differences

Which is better? UV or LED nail lamp

You can pair an LED polish with a UV lamp. But you should never use UV nail polish with an LED nail lamp. UV light is active within a broad band of UV wavelength (around 100 and 40nm).

Meanwhile LED functions on a narrower wavelength (400 to 410nm). Since UV lamps care capable of emitting UV wavelengths, it takes a lot longer to dry polish. Such lamp type works effectively on all gel polish.

LED technology makes use of narrow UV wavelengths aimed at certain photo initiators seen in gel nail polish. This makes it faster for the gel to dry.

To sum up the differences:

  • Most gel polish brands are specifically made for LED nail lamps. That means they’re well under the UV band. A majority of gel polishes can be dried under the exposure of a UV lamp. On the other hand, LED nail lamps can only dry LED-specific gel nail polish.
  • LED lamps are quicker in drying nail polish. It takes as little as 30 seconds compared to the two minutes that a UV lamps can provide.
  • LED lamps are costly compared to UV lamp.
  • LED lamps are longer lasting than that of traditional UV lamps.

Buying an LED or UV Lamp

As indicated, you make use of an LED-specific nail polish under a UV lamp. But you can’t use UV-specific polish under an LED nail lamp.

So your choice of lamp will only be dictated by the kind of nail polish you’ll be using during the gel manicure. LED lamps are pricier than UV lamps; but their advantages far outweigh than that of a UV-based models.

LED lamps can quickly cure your nails within mere seconds compared to several minutes under a UV-lamp.

LED lamps are far more efficient since they use less electrical power and can last for years. Furthermore, they’re capable of protecting your hands from overheating since they emit “cool” heat and aren’t as red hot as UV lamps.

In addition, LED lamps minimize the risks associated with UV-light exposure.  UV rays from LED lamps contain zero toxic chemicals, which makes friendly to the environment.

A majority of nail salons nowadays are using LED lamps. At the same time, the latest gel nail polish products cater to LED lights. If warnings of skin aging and skin cancer continues to make big headlines.

There’s a strong chance manufacturers will put a stop to UV lamp production since a safer alternative (LED) has already made it to the masses. At this point, both lamps are considered safe to nail treatment.

So there’s no reason for you to panic. It’s a matter of slathering on sunscreen on your hands, picking a UV or LED nail lamp nail service in your local salon, and see your freshly painted nails dry.

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