5 Easy Steps On How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

It all started with a gorgeous bottle of red nail polish. It sat there, looking all enticing and promising. But let me tell you, folks, the struggle was real! Painting nails at home can save money, but it’s tricky if you’re new. After messing up a lot, I learned some tricks and watched a pro … Read more

How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

how to apply nail polish

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly painted nails?  Your nails look and feel clean, bright, bold, and beautiful. However, the excitement of a fresh manicure can quickly fade into frustration when you notice chips, bumps, and uneven parts only a few days later. Read on to learn how to apply nail polish—the … Read more

How To Use Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

When it comes to acetone nail polish remover, there is nothing worse than opening up your favorite bottle only to find that the acetone has completely turned the lacquer into a gooey mess. People who paint their fingernails at home know the pain of having a favorite shade turn into a thick, gloppy mess. It’s … Read more