How to Remove a Broken Acrylic Nail Set

acrylic nail set

If you have an acrylic nail set, then you know how important it is and how much work it can be to maintain them. You should learn how to remove a broken acrylic nail. Although applying an acrylic nail set can require a bit of time and maintenance from the nail technician. It is also … Read more

How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

how to apply nail polish

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly painted nails? Your nails look and feel clean, bright, bold and beautiful. The excitement can fade into frustration when you noticed imperfections from your nails. If only you know how to apply nail polish like a PRO. Having painted nails doesn’t have to be an expensive, … Read more

8 Simple & Sexy Acrylic Nail Shapes for Any Style (Video List Style)

Acrylic Nail Shapes

Let’s get straight to the point. Acrylic nails are in. The beauty of having acrylic nails is that they can be filed and shaped just the way you want them to be. Whether long or short, square, rounded or pointed, acrylic nail shapes to fit your personal style and flair. Regardless of the acrylic nail … Read more

5 Step-by-Step guide on How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly.

Paint your nails perfectly

It happened time after time. I would look at the gorgeous bright red bottle on my dresser, beckoning me. I would think – this time it will be different, I will get it right! Then half an hour later I would be sitting on the floor. Bundles of nail polish remover-soaked cotton wool littered around … Read more