Why Preparation is Important to Your Success

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One of the most important aspects of being a nail technician or good at any other profession is to always be prepared for whatever situation that happens. Preparation is important.

Now you might be thinking that “Gee, that seems kind of obvious that being prepared is important.” But I think it’s major that we talk about this topic and how it deals with your work every day.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

—Benjamin Franklin

People who knew me way back will tell you that they never would’ve imagined that I’d become as prepared and organized as I am today. If you’re thinking that’s not me.

One of the limiting beliefs has been that’s not you. But don’t worry because preparation can be learned.

Preparation is a skill that can be learned and with discipline and experience can improve over time. For some, planning and preparation may come naturally but for others, they deal with challenges and problems as they come up.

The difference with being reactive instead of proactive—is preparation. And the advantage of the preparation is that you can manage problems much quicker and more efficiently because you will already have the solutions at hand ready to be applied.

Preparation is important because it could help you avoid the build-up of stress and anxiety.

For those who ever stood up in front of English class and had to present—know that one of the keys to delivering a great presentation is preparation. But that’s just like anything in life.

So preparation is important because it is key for me, as is true for all professionals.

Let’s look at some issues that could help with preparation:

1. Understand

Do you understand what you are preparing for? Do you know why you are doing it? Do you know the overall objectives and what you’re trying to accomplish? Understanding what you’re doing can help you get a clearer picture. This is one of the reasons why preparation is important.

2. Pace Your­self

Prepa­ra­tion isn’t all about see­ing how fast you can get a job done. It’s more impor­tant to focus on doing it efficiently. Know the difference. This might mean that you have to revisit one particular area many times in order to perfect it because this is exactly why preparation is important. Understanding the problem and applying the necessary solution.

3. Set time aside

Because preparation is time-consuming, there are people who try to avoid it wherever possible. But if you ask yourself to set aside some time to work, you will feel very satisfied when you complete the task earlier with some extra time left.

Preparation is sometimes overlooked and it shouldn’t be. Preparation is important thing that we need to do when planning for something. If you do, then you can save more time and as we all know, time is money!

A good friend of mine suggested that I should start an “evening routine”. It was something that she picked up from another beauty blogger. She said it changed her life.

She explained to me that it didn’t have to be limited to beauty routines. It really could apply to anything in life. She was right and I took her up on the challenge.

For 30 days, I implemented an evening routine before bed. I put down 3-4 things (sometimes more) that I wanted to do every day before bed that would make my next day run a lot smoother.

This included things like having the right supplies laid out for the following day, replying to business emails and social media comments from customers, checking my business account balances online, and going to bed early. Give yourself enough time to prepare and start preparing early.

These little routines help me to avoid mistakes and keep my stress levels in check. I have learned that small changes done consistently really do add up.

Remember when I told you that preparation can apply to anything? Well, this can also apply to have the right supplies and equipment for work.

When I had my bad accident with that customer 20 years ago, one of the things I realized now was that I didn’t have the right tools to work on her acrylics. I burned her badly from the drill bit I was using. At the time, there weren’t any other materials besides carbine bits.

That’s why I wanted to launch my first product as something helpful for someone just getting started, or even a seasoned technician that wants to add another weapon to her arsenal. This drill bit is made of ceramic material that doesn’t burn the customer as fast as carbine bits.

You can now prevent that from ever happening to you if you always stay prepared with the right tools.

So I want to conclude that many people have the will to win, but they aren’t willing to put in the hard work and time required to become great at something. What makes this even more challenging is that preparation is not a one-time thing.

High performers possess the will to prepare to win over and over again. It’s been awesome sharing this information with you. My advice to anybody out there struggling to get their life moving in the right direction is, to begin with, a simple routine.

Every day commit to doing five things that will prepare you for the next day. It may not “spark joy” but it will definitely change your life. So what do you stand to gain when you are prepared? Here are the key points:

  • Preparation is important, not optional
  • Being prepared saves time and money
  • Failing to anticipate puts you at a competitive disadvantage

So remember to wait on my next email and I’ll finally reveal my listing to you and also a little special gift for being my email subscriber. 🙂 Anyways, let me know what are some things you do to prepare to have your next day running smoothly?

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