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OPI Alpine Snow Review

If you’re looking for the perfect shade to take you through the holiday season (and all the way into summer). OPI Alpine Snow is the one.

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This fresh, crisp white by the number one salon brand is extremely versatile.  It’s like buying three polishes in one bottle! Use on your nails as a plain color, for French-look tips, or as a base coat to really make your color polish pop!

You can even use it in nail art with alternating colors, water marbling and dotting designs. With so many options, your OPI Alpine Snow can give a new look every week. Your imagination is the only limit when using this nail color.

It can difficult finding a white that goes on evenly without streaks. Provides good coverage without chipping. A white nail polish is always tricky and messy to apply. 

OPI Alpine Snow is one of the must have nail polish shade

OPI Alpine Snow is on the thicker side, so it doesn’t need too many coats and applies. It may look a bit streaky when wet, but it dries smooth. As a base coat you will only need one coat and two if you want to use the OPI Alpine Snow as the only color on your nails. This white nail polish is truly a revolution. 

OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ brush helps with getting that smooth, professional finish. The specially shaped bristles are designed to hold more lacquer. It spread quickly and evenly, and provide a streak-free application. The OPI Aphine snow nail polish is an amazing addition to any nail technicians tool kit.

How to use OPI Alpine Snow

How To Apply OPI Alpine Snow

  • For crisp, clean nails that will work with any occasion go for all-white. This look works well with darker skin tones. Start with an OPI base coat. Then apply two layers of the OPI Alpine Snow – make sure to wait for each coat to dry (OPI recommends 1 minute). Finish off with a top coat and you’re good to go!
  • For a classic, polished look, you can’t go wrong with a simple French manicure. The thick formula means you’ll only need one coat for the tips. One coat has enough coverage for that lovely and sultry French tip.
  • To make your color polishes look more vibrant. Start with a base coat of OPI Alpine Snow, then top with one – two layers of color polish. Don’t forget to finish off with a top coat to prevent chips! The OPI Alphine Snow is a great nail base color for any nail art. 
  • For a festive look top the base coat with a glitter polish! A good amount of rhinestones are a good choice too. It can be a good base color for any nail decals and stamps designs.
  • Water Marbling base color. The OPI Alpine snow is a good option if you are planning to do a water mable nail design.
  • Match with a formal black or a bold red and create simple – but eye-catching – geometric patterns. As stated above, the OPI Alphine Snow color is a great base color for any nail designs. It is surprisngly easy to apply. 

With so many fun options, the only question is – how will you use your OPI Alpine Snow? Let us know in the comment down below what kind of design are you going to try using this revolutionary nail polish from OPI.  Also remember to check out our other articles about nail trends here!

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