Is Glitter Acrylic a Fad?

glitter acrylic

From rainbow shimmer and little gold flecks to full-on confetti-sized sparkles – there are so many options for the glitter acrylic nail fan (check out other article about nail salon designs). What is a girl to do? Many people would say that glitter acrylic is just fad – however glitter acrylic nails have been around … Read more

A Complete Acrylic Nail Supplies List

acrylic nail supplies

Regardless of whether you are starting up your own salon or you are reorganizing your salon’s cluttered closets, ensuring that you have the right acrylic nail supplies list that can help you to better serve your customers, stay organized, and keep your salon running like a well-oiled machine. So how do you make sure that … Read more

5 Step-by-Step guide on How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly.

Paint your nails perfectly

It happened time after time. I would look at the gorgeous bright red bottle on my dresser, beckoning me. I would think – this time it will be different, I will get it right! Then half an hour later I would be sitting on the floor. Bundles of nail polish remover-soaked cotton wool littered around … Read more

Should you get UV or LED for Your Salon?

led nail lamp

UV or LED nail lamp (Ultraviolet Radiation or Light Emitting Diode nail lamps) is already considered a part of the nail process in a nail salon. But many customers are starting to question their safety. While these lamps are frequently utilized to quickly dry manicures, they’re even more necessary in setting gel manicures. Both lamps … Read more

Awesome Step-By-Step Business Guide: How to Start A Nail Salon

how to open a nail salon

How to open a nail salon business. Very few nail salon owners are able to demand high rates or scale a high-class status. Fortunately, nail salons who succeed enjoy thousands of dollars in sales each year. Without having the right financial planning or interior design, even a highly popular nail salon can easily close down. … Read more

8 Go-To Nail Salon Designs

nail salon designs

Nail salon designs art can be a challenging task to tackle at home. But even with a proper set of colors and tools, a steady hand can easily convert the latest artistic nail design into an average piece or worse, a grade school art project. Fortunately, nail art nowadays have evolved into simple-yet-beautiful go-to designs … Read more