The Best LED Gel Lamp & Our Reason Why

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If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer. The MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer is the best LED gel lamp on the market. Consumers looking for the best LED gel lamp should consider this MelodySusie product. If you’re still having trouble deciding which lamp to get for your salon, check out our other article here. It’ll explain the nitty gitty on what you should look for.

Information About the Product

MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Side View)
MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Side View)

The MelodySusie Nail Dryer comes in three different color options.  You can choose between black, pink, or white models based on personal preference or to match the design of your salon as well as your personal home nail vanity station.

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Their nail drying station measures 7.2 x 5.8 x 3.7 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces. The 12W power offers 60pcs LED and 110-240V an adapter input.

The original retail price of the nail lamp is $49.99, but all three colors are available on Amazon for a discounted price. Check it out over there for more information.

Your LED Nail Dryer is available for shipping anywhere in the United States.  The package includes the nail dryer, power supply, and user manual.

There is a fully guaranteed warranty backed by MelodySusie for six months after the purchase date when you purchase directly from an authentic MelodySusie supplier. Their customer support team offers easy to reach direct support at any time, even after the six months.

Are There any Additional Special Offers When I Buy the Gel Lamp?

MelodySusie offers added discounts when you purchase their best selling LED gel lamp. Take advantage of one or more of the following promotions before you checkout your order.

  • 20% off the Timeless Muse Nude Color Gel Polish
  • 10% off Nail Drill
  • 20% off Party Queen Gel Nail Polish
  • Save an extra $2.55 off your already discounted lamp purchase with applicable promo code
  • 10% off UV Shield Gloves
  • $2.00 off Mid-length Layered Loose Wave Wig
  • $6.00 Pro60W Smart Lamp

If you are interested in any of these other MelodySusie products, purchase them at the same time as your LED Gel Lamp to enjoy the added discounts.

Why is the MelodySusie the best LED gel lamp?

MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Front View)
MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Front View)

The station is compact, lightweight, and easy to store and transport. Although small, is still plenty of space to fit your entire hand in the machine for drying. The versatility allows for use at home as well as in salons.

MelodySusie offers a bargain price for such a high quality product.  The experts at Practical Polish explain that nail lamps can cost upwards of $150.

LED bulbs are better than UV lights. UV lights only last about 100 hours and cost about $30 to replace. LED bulbs last for over 50,000 hours and will likely never need replacement according to the sustainable living specialists.

There are four preset time controls of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, and 30 minutes. These easy to select preset options allow the gel on your nails to dry quickly, without overheating, which can lead to issues.

Typically, your gel polish will effectively cure in 45 seconds.  Your manicure will last up to three weeks after using the MelodySusie lamp to dry your gelled nails.  The bottom of the machine is removable for quick and easy cleaning.

What Do the Existing Users and Customers Have to Say About the Product?

Design Authority rates the MelodySusie lamp at the top of their list for of Best LED nail lamps. Over 1,000 customers reviewed this product after purchasing on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

One customer explained how they were skeptical at first since the LED product was so affordable. In the past, they bought a UV lamp for $160 and only used it a few times because it took too long to cure.

However, that same customer was pleased discovering her machine was packaged nicely, smaller, and lighter than her expensive UV machine.  She is extremely pleased with her purchase and travels with the device since it is small enough to fit in her bag.

Most of the reviews rave about how happy they are with the short drying time.  Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing design is an added benefit.

Are There any Problems or Complications with the MelodySusie LED Gel Lamp?

As previously mentioned, if you are any concerns or issues with your machine, contact the expert customer support team. You can talk to someone on the phone or reach out via e-mail for help.

Check to make sure your nail polish brand is LED safe.  Read the label on nail polish before purchasing to ensure it can handle 380-410nm photo initiator light wavelengths.

If your gel polish is sticky after curing in the gel lamp, do not worry; this is normal.  Simply use a cleanser to wipe away any residue for a smooth and dry surface.

How Do I Use a LED Lamp for Gelled Nails?

MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Full Package View)
MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer (Full Package View)

Once you purchase your MelodySusie LED Nail Dryer, you may have questions about how to get started. Preparation is the first step.  Use a cleanser and lint-free wipe to clean your nails. Use a tool, or your fingernails to push back your cuticles to clean the entire nail.

Pushing back the cuticles allows you to shape your nails in a desirable fashion. Use a cushion file to remove the existing shine of your natural nails. After filing, remove the remaining dust and residue with the previously used lint-free wipe.

Select a gel nail polish. All LED gel polishes are compatible with the MelodySusie system.  Some of the top polish brands include CND Shellac, OPI, Gelish, and SallyHansen.

Apply a thin layer of pH bond directly to your natural nails.  Next, stroke a light layer of foundation gel over the top to seal the edges.  Place your fingers into the MelodySusie LED dryer for 30 to 60 seconds.

The beauty experts recommend curing four fingers at a time on each hand, and then both thumbs together at the same time.  Use a wood stick to remove excess gel foundation under your nails or around the cuticle area.

Finally, it is time to put on the nail polish.  Use a thin layer of gel polish, applying from the cuticle towards the edge of your nail with each stroke.  If the application is too thick, the gel will not properly cure in the LED light.

Place your fingers back in the nail dryer, using the same technique as before (four fingers, then two thumbs) for 30 to 60 seconds.  Apply a second coat of polish and cure again for up to 60 seconds.

Lastly, apply a gel sealer to your nails and cure the sealer in the MelodySusie dryer.  Use the cleanser with a lint free wipe one final time to remove the tacky surface.

Final Verdict

The MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer – Nail Lamp Curing LED Gel Nail Polish, Professional for Nail Art at Home and Salon is the best LED gel lamp available for purchase.

The lamp is small, lightweight, and cost efficient. The compact design allows for easy storage, use, and travel. The LED lights never need replacing, and both customers and experts recommend purchasing one.

Your purchase is backed by the MelodySusie warranty and customer support service. Buy one today!

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