The 10 Best Acrylic Nail Kits

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Acrylic Nail Kit

The best acrylic nail kits you can rely on.

Sometimes you need to give yourself an at-home acrylic nail manicure. Whether you’re a budding amateur nail technician or someone who likes to add a little sparkle to their nails, having an acrylic nail kit can be a game-changer.

We’re rounding up the ten best acrylic nail kits that you can purchase from Amazon. They’ll help you create salon-worthy nails at home without breaking the bank. 

1. Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit

This acrylic nail kit is the best-selling kit on Amazon, with over 2,800 reviews. The Morovan nail kit has everything you’ll need for an acrylic manicure. It includes three types of acrylic powder – clear, pink, and white – for you to choose from.

These shades are ideal for creating a base and strengthening your nails before applying nail art. The non-yellowing formula makes them safe to use on your nails without worrying about staining.

Morovan’s nail kit also includes a liquid monomer, which includes a similar non-yellow formula and is made for both personal and professional salon use.

The liquid monomer is formulated with UV stabilizers to give a potent color while ensuring the best bond between the acrylics and your nail plate. This versatile nail kit can be used to create beautiful nail extensions, an adhesive gel manicure, or nail carving. 

The acrylic nail kit includes form tips, a glass cup, a nail file, 20 nail forms, and 3 nail brushes of various sizes. This acrylic nail system would be a great choice for anyone looking to start practising at home or who is building their kit.

2. Aushelly Acrylic Nail Kit

If glitter is your game, then this is the acrylic nail kit for you. This beginner-friendly nail kit comes with everything you’ll need, from 12 glitter powders to a buffer block and nail separators.

Amongst the essentials like nail clippers and tweezers, you’ll find two thousand (yep, two thousand!) tiny rhinestones for your nail art. There are also 100 white nail tips, along with 100 clear nail tips. 

Just like the first nail kit, you’ll also receive a clear, pink, and white acrylic powder for your base. The acrylic powders don’t require a nail lamp, so it’ll cut down your manicure time. This nail kit doesn’t include anything to remove your acrylics, so you’ll want to make sure to pick up an acetone remover when purchasing your nail kit. 

The Aushelly kit is a great choice for anyone who wants to start experimenting with acrylic nail art for the first time without spending a small fortune. It’s got everything you’ll need to practice at home to build up your skillset.

This nail kit is also the perfect gift for anyone looking to become a little more adventurous with their nail art and experiment with glitter for the first time.

3. WESPEN Acrylic Nail Art Kit

Upgrade your existing nail kit or start from the ground up with the Wespen 86-piece acrylic nail kit. What makes this kit stand out is that it includes a 48W UV LED nail lamp, and all the other supplies you’ll need to get you started. You can use this kit at home or as a training set if you’re working towards becoming a nail technician. 

The portable nail lamp is suitable for both your fingernails and toenails, with 3-time settings and a smart sensor. It’ll cure your nails in almost half the time, with its built-in IR automatic sensor making it easy to use.

The kit also comes with a portable electric nail drill that you can take with you on the go to remove your acrylic nails. This tool is a must-have to help shape your nails, and it comes with six interchangeable nail bits for you to use.

Amongst the other essentials of sanding rings and nail files, this kit includes 12 different styles of nail stickers, including 3d butterflies. For more intricate nail art, the Wespen kit includes 15 different nail polish brushes to let your imagination run wild. 

4. Modelones Acrylic Powder Kit

If you’re looking to refresh your kit or are just starting with acrylic nails, this kit is a great option for you. It’s got all the basics you’ll need to make the switch from traditional nail polish to acrylic nails. 

Modelones’ acrylic nail kit includes the three classic acrylic powder colors – clear, pink, and white. The non-toxic formula is easy to apply and creates a creamy color for a naturally elegant look. This acrylic powder system is long-lasting with a chip-resistant formula that gives you 2-3 weeks of wear without needing to use a curing lamp.

The liquid monomer included in this kit has a non-yellowing formula to help strengthen your nails and improve their flexibility. Modelones’ acrylic nail kit includes one 0.79inch nail brush and 50 nail forms. This beginner-friendly kit includes an instruction manual for those who are experimenting with acrylic nails for the first time.

The Modelones acrylic nail kit is presented in a clear travel case, making it ideal for anyone who is always traveling or doing their nails on the go. As it comes nicely presented in a kit, this set is a great gift choice for anyone you know who loves to do their nails. 

5. Cooserry Acrylic Nail Kit

The Cooserry nail kit is right up your street if you find yourself drawn to pastel and bright neon shades. It’s one of the top 15 acrylic nail kits on Amazon, with hundreds of positive reviews.

This starter kit comes with all the basics you need, with a few added extras that make this kit stand out from the crowd. You get the usual clear, white, and pink acrylic powders with their non-yellowing formula.

What makes this nail kit unique is its six superfine-colored acrylic powders. These highly pigmented shades will help you bring your nail art ideas to life.

The colors include powder pink, bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow, earth-tone brown, baby blue, and lime green. These spring shades will help you create a myriad of nail looks, whether you want to keep it simple or experiment with nail carving.

Other essentials included in this kit are the standard acrylic liquid monomer, 3 acrylic nail brushes of various sizes, and nail form stickers. The EMA acrylic liquid monomer drives within 5 minutes with a formula that leaves a natural shine to your nails. This nail kit will help you create consistent-looking nails with superior adhesion. 

The Cooserry beginner nail kit is the perfect choice for you if you’re not afraid to wear a bold acrylic shade. These colors are some of the most trending shades in the nail industry right now, helping you to create nail art that your Instagram followers will love.

6. Coscelia Acrylic Nail Kit

If you’re someone who needs to build their basic acrylic kit, this set by Coscelia is just what you’ve been looking for. As a budget-friendly acrylic nail kit, it includes everything you need to create stunning nail art, whether you prefer glitter or rhinestones.

Why choose? This nail kit includes 2000 rhinestones, with 1000 of them being a classic silver shade. 

As a starter kit, it offers your three standard shades of acrylic powder and 100 nail tips, which come in ten different sizes. You can build your kit with cuticle clippers, nail buffer, finger separators, and nail cutters. It’s got other essentials you might overlook, including a liquid pump dispenser, stainless tweezers, and a nail cleaning brush.

The Coscelia acrylic nail kit includes 12 shades of glitter powder to add a little shimmer to your day. The set focuses on deep jewel tones, such as rubies and sapphires, with the occasional sparkle of a classic gold or silver glitter.

There is a color in this set for everyone, whether you like pink glitter to channel your inner Elle Woods or an emerald shimmer.

This nail kit will refresh your collection or help you start from ground zero. While it comes with all the essentials that you’ll get to get started, its real selling point is the dozen different glitter powders that can create a myriad of nail looks.

7. Shelloloh Arcylic Nail Kit

This nail kit is the most affordable on our list of Amazon finds. It comes with the basics you need and is a great alternative to buying a larger nail kit that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you’re a more experienced nail technician.

You might want to pick this up as a backup set to take with you while traveling or practicing new nail styles. 

It includes the classic acrylic powder shades of clear, white, and powder pink. It’s worth noting that the pink shade in this set is one of the lightest of any of the kits on this list. The acrylic liquid is medium drying to help with nail adhesion without harming your natural nails. 

The Shelloloh nail kit also includes other essentials like 30 nail forms, a glass cup for mixing, and a multi-tasking acrylic nail brush. This kit will help you create long-lasting acrylic nails that will stay in perfect condition for at least two weeks.

Although it doesn’t include glitters or extra powders, it’s a great set for anyone getting started and who wants to become more familiar with the craftsmanship behind acrylic nails.

8. Beetles Poly Extension Nail Kit

If you’re debating between experimenting with acrylic and gel nails, we’ve got the solution for you. PolyGel is like your classic acrylic nails with a gel twist. This nail kit is perfect if you’re making the transition from traditional polish to the world of acrylic nails. As a beginner set, it has everything you need, from the nail molds to the gel base and a topcoat. 

This starter kit includes six colors of PolyGel, ranging from classic pink to bean red. The kit also includes a portable LED mini UV nail light that you can use for your gel or acrylic nails. 

We’ve added this nail kit to our list for anyone trying to find their way with acrylic nails and who might have struggled in the past.

After a few weeks of experimenting with this PolyGel nail kit, you can come back and get one of the fully acrylic nail kits from our list. If you’re not ready to make the jump to acrylic nails, give this nail kit a try first!

9. Ablazemoon Acrylic Nail Kit

The Ablazemoon nail kit includes 36 glitter colors to choose from, giving it the most extensive color selection out of all the kits on this list. It has something for every aesthetic, whether you prefer to shimmer like a disco ball with metallic shades or keep it more classic with powder pink.  

This kit comes with your standard 3 colors of acrylic powders and a monomer. It also has other essentials that you’ll need (64 tools, in fact!). The nail art potential with this set is unlimited. You can have everything from sequins to glitter and mixed crystals to use to let your imagination run wild. 

As a beginner-friendly option, the Ablazemoon acrylic nail kit will fit any budget. As one of the best-sellers on Amazon, it has over 500 positive reviews.

10. Cetemies Acrylic Nail Kit

This nail kit includes 42 pieces, giving you all the tools that you need to create a professional acrylic manicure. This bumper set includes 500 nail tips and 20 nail form stickers. The Cetermies nail kit is perfect for anyone who isn’t afraid to experiment with colors and texture.

It includes 18 different colors of acrylic powders to create a flawless base. If nail art is your new hobby, you’ll be spoilt for choice with sequins, pearls, rhinestones, and velvet powders to experiment with.

While the colors and decorations are the main selling point for this nail kit, it comes with other essentials like acrylic brushes, buffer blocks, and nail clips.

We hope this list has helped you find the best nail kit for you. Whether you’re kickstarting your collection or looking to change up your products, each of these nail kits is a budget-friendly choice from Amazon that allows you to experiment with color and try something new. 

Are you clicking ‘add to cart’ on one of these nail kits? Let us know in the comments below! 

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