DND Nail Drill Review: A Closer Look at Precision and Power


A fresh set of beautifully done nails is your artwork on display. And to create such masterpieces, having a reliable and powerful tool is a game-changer. I recently had the opportunity to try out the DND Portable Nail Drill – Silver.  And I must say that this nail drill overshadows its pedigrees with a cordless … Read more

Valentino Nail Drill Review: The Must-Have Tool for Perfect Nails

Valentino Nail Drill Review

Before you add another gadget to your collection, let’s get the lowdown on this high-end nail drill that we just tried out. Known for its sleek design and robust functionality, Valentino Beauty Pure VUnit E-File is best for pros to elevate their nail game. Here’s a quick Valentino nail drill review for you: Whether you’re … Read more

Where Can I Buy Cuticle Oil for Salon-Worthy Results?

Where Can I Buy Cuticle Oil for Salon-Worthy Results?

Jumping into the world of manicures and trying to achieve salon-grade results can feel like a daunting task. “Where can I buy cuticle oil?“ I know you asked this to yourself at some point. But trust me, it’s not as complicated as it seems, especially when you have the right products at your fingertips. I … Read more

Best Nail Drill Bits: A Nail Tech’s Must-Have In 2024

Best Nail Drill Bits

Having the right tools for the job is pivotal in the nail biz and let me tell you, not all drill bits are created equal.  Just recently, I had my hands on these nail bits and-it’s like the Swiss Army knife for nail techs.  The focal point is its versatility–right-handed or left-handed, it doesn’t play … Read more

The Best MelodySusie Nail Drills

The best melodysusie nail drills

Precision is key in nail art, and the MelodySusie nail drill delivers. This brand is a favorite among technicians and DIY enthusiasts. It offers power, versatility, and user-friendly design. MelodySusie nail drills stand out in the market, setting the standard for impeccable nail care. Let’s explore the best MelodySusie nail drill options to discover the … Read more

What’s The Difference between a Crimped vs Uncrimped Acrylic Nail Brush

Crimped Vs. Uncrimped Acrylic Nail Brush

Crimped vs uncrimped? Crimped brushes are known for their precision and control, which makes them excellent for detailed work. On the other hand, uncrimped brushes, with their ability to fan out, are a dream for creating full shapes or covering larger areas.  As a nail technician, your tools are your best friends. Among these tools, … Read more